Governor Fubara’s Swift Actions Send Shockwaves Over Major Political Shake-Up

In a stunning turn of events, Sim Fubara, the Governor of Rivers State, has implemented a series of significant political changes within a mere 12 hours. These developments have sent shockwaves throughout the state and left many citizens and observers in disbelief.

Here are the key actions that Sim Fubara has taken:

1. Sacking His Chief of Staff:
Sim Fubara has removed his Chief of Staff from office.

2. Sacking All 23 Local Government Chairmen:
In a sweeping move, all 23 local government chairmen in Rivers State have been summarily sacked.

3. Dissolving the State Executive Council:
The State Executive Council, responsible for making crucial policy decisions, has been dissolved.

4. Changing the Speaker of Rivers State House of Assembly:
Sim Fubara has replaced the Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly, a key position in the legislative branch, with a new appointee.

5. Suspending the Chief Judge of Rivers State:
Perhaps the most shocking move of all, the Chief Judge of Rivers State has been suspended from duty, creating uncertainties within the judicial system.


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