Fr Kelvin To Reno: If Things Are Normal, Why Should Anyone Listen To You, Who Don’t Believe That Jesus Is God, Yet Addressed Jesus As “Our Lord And Saviour”

Nigerian Catholic priest, Reverend Fr Kelvin Ugwu who serves in Malawi, used his facebook page to roast Reno Omokri, the former aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan over most of his (Reno) controversial posts on religion and politics.

In his post; “Re: When Reverend Father’s Worship at the Altar of Politics

Dear Reno Omokri,

On the 27th of July, exactly 13 days ago, you were the one that shared this video where you tried to condemn the choice of El-Rufai (a Muslim) as the Director General of the APC campaign on the basis that both the presidential candidate and the vice are also Muslims. The high point for me was when you went on to address Christ as “Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.”

I was not surprised at all because that is usually your style. You keep changing stands based on what will favour your paymaster.

Fast forward to today 9th of August, you have done a 360° turn, and you are now back to your default. You have published an article on how Jesus is not God and on how he should not be called Jesus but Yeshua. The article was targeted at me, as you still managed to bring in Peter Obi, Atiku, and politics into it.

The argument that Jesus is not God was widespread in the fourth century by a priest and theologian called Arius. So, it is not new.

All you have said about Jesus not being God is like a regurgitation of Arius’ arguments which is now known as the heresy of Arianism. It was because of this same heresy that the council of Nicaea was called in May 325 AD to put an end to the controversy.

If Jesus is not God, then Christianity is as good as dead. Any person or Christian denomination that does not believe that Jesus is God is not a Christian denomination.

Your confusion is in understanding the concept of the Trinity and the three persons in one God. Your other confusion is in understanding what the Jews understood as “Son of Man” or “Son of God” as against what we ourselves understand today when we say someone is a “son of Reno” or “son of Ugwu.” For the Jews, to say you are the Son of God, you are indirectly saying you are equal to God. This was the blasphemy that was presented to the chief priests and Pilate that got Jesus crucified.

Since you do not believe that Jesus is God, how come on the 27th of July you addressed Jesus as “Our Lord and Saviour,” then today, you said he is not God. How can he be your “Lord and Saviour” and yet he is not God?

Again, on the 27th of July you called him by the name “Jesus”, no one argued with you. Then today, you said he is no longer Jesus.

I have addressed all these issues in the past on how the Hebrew-Aramaic name יֵשׁוּעַ (Yeshua) was transliterated to Ἰησοῦς (Iesous) in Greek. And from Greek, it was transliterated to “Iesus” in Latin, then it became “Jesus” as we have it in English, “Jesu” in Igbo, “Jisos” in pidgin English and “Yesu” in Chichewa.

I gave all the reasons which are obviously due to the mutation of language and other factors. Almost all Hebrew names in the bible are pronounced differently in English and in our native dialects today.

Ordinarily, if things are normal as they should, why should anyone listen to you on issues of religion and scriptures? On what basis? What qualifications do you have in that area?

Teaching scripture is not about copying and pasting the koine Greek version of John 1:1, having a claim to have gone to Greece, Ethiopian or Kafanchan or standing in front of the Vatican to take pictures.

You have also proven that even in politics you are not reliable. It is all about your pocket and never about the ordinary Nigerians.

You pride yourself as a “gospeller” or a pastor, you are even promoting the campaign of #Freeleahsharibu abducted by Boko Haram, yet you do not see anything wrong with Atiku choosing the side of the murderers of the Christian girl called Deborah.

This put a big question mark on your Leah Sharibu advocacy. Because if truly you are against Sharibu’s abductors, you won’t be found doing anything with Atiku.

Because you take pride also in manipulating the minds of the people, you are accusing me of fabricating lies against you. Where did I accuse you of photoshopping Peter Obi’s picture? I dare you to provide the evidence.

The new trend from you is that once someone reminds you of who Atiku truly is, you bounce on the person and twist his words. Is this not why you are attacking Fr Oluoma simply because he talked about the rotation of power in PDP? Today, Atiku does not see anything wrong that he as a Fulani Muslim is planning to succeed another Fulani Muslim in a polarized country like ours. Yet, you are everywhere on social media promoting to the presidency a man living in Dubai as if he is the best thing that has happened to Nigeria since the discovery of Enugu-Ezike Palm wine.

And Peter Obi whom you once acknowledged as the most upright and qualified man is now the person you are constantly fighting against as if he took your wife. Anyone taking you seriously is not serious.

Credit: Rev fr. Kelvin Ugwu


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