For The Second Time I’ve Come To Declare That I’m Finally Done With Marriage – Chacha Eke

Chacha Eke Faani, is a popular Nigerian actress who has been acting for several years now. The actress recently shared a post on her official Instagram page, and in the post, she stated clearly that she is finally done with her marriage to her husband, Austin Faani.

You would recall that back in 2020, the actress came online to reveal that she was done with her marriage. She made several videos of herself stating that she was tired of enduring abuse from her husband, and she could no longer continue with the marriage, her outburst elicited reactions online, and her name began making headlines.

However, few days after she made the video, she then made another post online, and revealed that she was back with her husband. She also blamed her outburst on Bipolar, and stated that she has gone for treatment.

However with the turn of events in 2023, the actress seems to still be going through the same abuse she complained about as her post indicates that she has been enduring a lot.

She stated that it is better to leave a marriage, than leave as a corpse. She also apologized to the public and said she has been living a lie for the past 2 years. She wrote, “for the second time in 2 years, I am here on social media boldly declaring that I and done with my marriage.

She also stated that if she suddenly becomes incommunicado, her lawyer and the police have a recorded tape of her where she made a statement which is ready for public release. Check out her post below.


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