Festus Keyamo Took Bola Tinubu To In Court In 1999 Over The Veracity Of His University – Rufai Oseni

The spokesperson of the Presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress, Festus Keyamo has gone wild in the defense of his principal over the drug allegations and money laundering activities. And during the Channels TV interview, he was seen telling Seun Okinbaloye to get his pen and paper that he wants to school him about the law.

Rufai Oseni in reaction to this rudeness to his fellow journalist, he has chided Festus Keyamo for trying to bully the Journalist. He made a clear point that questions are supposed to be asked amid this kind of allegation. He also referred to how Festus Keyamo had once taken Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to court as Lagos state governor on the veracity of his university certificate.

He said, ”When any candidate has this kind of allegations against him, they must come to explain beyond reasonable doubts. Apart from Festus Keyamo, the APC should get more people to explain all of this because it’s constantly about Asiwaju’s character questions. People asked questions about the name of the candidate, what school did he attend? Because all of these issues came up when he was a governor. 

And I remember that this same Festus Keyamo was the one that took Bola Tinubu to court then about the veracity of the University in 1999. He’s been on the opposing side at that time but now he’s being on the APC side now because of politics and interest change but we should interrogate further and come up with more explanation.”


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