“Everybody Is Sick And Tired, Even My Parishioners Are Leaving Sokoto Out Of Fear” – Kukah

During an interview with Arise Television earlier today, Matthew Hassan Kukah, the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto state responded to a question regarding the killing of Deborah over blasphemy and the fate of her murderers, and also the recent attack in the Southern part of Kaduna which led to the death of over thirty people.

He expressed displeasure regarding the incessant attacks on Christians living in the North, stating that a lot of these attackers have gone scot-free in the past and that Christians in the North are now living in fear, and some are living. He stressed that everyone is sick and tired of the issue, and his parishioners are leaving Sokoto out of fear.

He went on to reiterate how Christians in Northern Nigeria were attacked during the Miss World beauty pageant award, and also how churches in Northern Nigeria were attacked by angry mobs over an incident which happened in Denmark. He stressed that Christians in the North are vulnerable to attacks and that they are now used to it.

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