Ever Wondered Why The Catholic Church Is So Populated Without Holding Crusade And Printing Flyers?

Have you ever wondered why the Roman Catholic Church has the largest population ever, even without holding crusades or printing flyers. Irrespective of their quiet religious nature, unlike other denominations of the christian church, why does the catholic church have several branches in every nook and cranny of the society?

Firstly, the word ‘Catholic’ means universal. The Catholic church teaches that it is one holy, catholic and apostolic church. This can explain the reason why its branches are found in every region of the world. And they profess and practice the same faith, handed down by sacred tradition.

Many christian churches hold several crusades and embark on evangelism to convert souls to their church, but over the centuries, this church (the Roman catholic church) has remained reserved even in the midst of criticisms.

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The image of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

It might interest you to know that according to Wikipedia, there are about 1.3 billion baptized catholics all over the world (as of 2019). Which is about 50.1% of the total 2.42 billion Christians worldwide.

I was born and bred in a Catholic home and imbibed the Catholic doctrines and catechism. Growing up, there were times I encountered criticisms from classmates who are of other denominations. But I was usually able to argue my way through.

When these criticisms against the Catholic faith arose, I usually quoted one passage of the scripture; precisely Matthew 16 vs 18-19. Christ told Simon Peter that he is the rock, upon which He shall build His church. And the gates of hell shall not prevail against it…

Having established this passage of the scripture, the Catholic church has been believed to be the one and only church established by Christ himself. And St. Peter is believed to be the first Pope of the Roman catholic church. But this acclamation had often been a subject of controversy among other denominations of the Christian church.

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Pope Francis

Lastly, the Catholic church teaches and preaches salvation and conversion to Christianity, other than conversion to Catholicism.

Whatever may be the case, there must be something this church is doing right to have attracted a great number of believers from different walks of life. Despite the cajoling and criticisms it has faced over the several decades of existence.

Since they don’t go for evangelism, what is the secret behind the large population?



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