Enenche Speaks Over A Pastor That Wants To Sell His Church

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The founder and senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Pastor Paul Enenche, addressed to his congregation about three types of individuals in the world. People who live for themselves are one of the categories he revealed. They are entirely concerned with themselves and the things of the earth. He explained that today, many people come to church in pursuit of money and God’s blessing. The things that go along with the Gospel, and what you want to gain from it.

Someone may observe a pastor driving a nice car and believe that this is what ministry is all about, according to him. Let him become a pastor because he can’t find work. He then related the incident of a pastor who approached a pastor in one of their locations and expressed his desire to sell the church structure. Why? Because he bought an automobile on credit and couldn’t pay for it, he wants to sell the church to pay for the car.

According to the man of God, their pastor asked and said, “so, what will happen to the members?” He said, “can’t you people carry them?” Pastor Paul then revealed that he is a hireling, an armed robber because of how he qualified his members as things that someone can carry. “These are people who live for themselves. Eternity is not in the equation. Kingdom does not matter, investment on the other side does not matter,” he said.

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