Don’t Set Me Up For Impeachment – Soludo Replies Peter Obi Over Call For Anambra To Vote Labour Party

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Governor Charles Soludo of Anambra State has rejected the call by Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate Peter Obi for the people of Anambra to vote en masse for LP candidates in the upcoming state assembly elections.

Soludo cried out that Obi’s call for the people of the state to vote for the Labour Party could be planting landmines and setting him up for impeachment. The incumbent governor of Anambra bemoaned the fact that Obi has firsthand knowledge of what it means to be governor when his party does not control the legislature and argued that he should not be given the same opportunity.

Reporters make known Soludo spoke against the backdrop of Obi’s call on Friday evening when he met with National and state Assembly candidates of the Labour Party in Anambra and urged the assembly candidates to collaborate with Soludo if elected to power. Obi stated that Soludo should not be concerned about being impeached by the Labour Party-dominated assembly, as they would work together to advance the state.

In response, Governor Soludo’s press secretary, Mr. Chris Aburime, stated that Obi’s action may be deceptive. He stated, “That call was intended to deceive Anambra citizens. Obi cannot discuss development in Anambra while also urging the people of Anambra to elect lawmakers from the opposition party who will collaborate with Soludo.

“When he first became governor, he worked with a legislature dominated by PDP legislators, and he acknowledges that it was difficult. “He was even impeached as a result of this, so we hope it is not the same thing he intends to frame Soludo for.

“On Saturday, the citizens of Anambra must vote overwhelmingly for APGA if they want Mr. Governor’s development initiatives to continue. “It is improper to discuss both development and the election of opposition politicians to the House of Assembly at the same time; it contradicts the concept of development.” It is deceit.

“The people of Anambra supported Obi during the presidential election, and Soludo refused to intervene as people flocked to the polls to vote for Labour Party, and that was before Soludo made the environment conducive to voter turnout. “In the presidential election, we voted for the Labour Party, but in the House of Assembly election, we will vote for APGA, and we want the people of Anambra to know this.”

Reporters indicate that there will not be a governorship election in Anambra on March 18; however, Soludo, a member of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), will vie for control of the state assembly amidst the Obi-influenced tsunami in Anambra State, which may sway votes in favor of Labour Party legislative candidates.

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