Don’t Say Nigeria Is Not Negotiable If You Are In Govt And You Haven’t Served In The Military – Osita

Former aviation minister Osita Chidoka used his Facebook page to discuss elected officials and their sacrifices.

Don’t tell me Nigeria isn’t negotiable if you’re a president, governor, senator, member of the house of representatives, or minister who hasn’t served or any of your children haven’t served in the military, police, paramilitary, or intelligence services, or core civil service, and you and your siblings or children haven’t come in harm’s way for Nigeria. Finally, Osita Chidoka stated that such a person has no stake in the game.

Osita Chidoka, however, added a picture of Olusegun Obasanjo decorating his son, Adeboye Obasanjo as he gets promoted to the rank of Brigadier-General. Olusegun Obasanjo also served in the Nigerian military before his retirement.

Read what Osita Chidoka said about government officials below.


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