Dirty Game: How Our Thoughts Have Destroyed And Underdeveloped Africa

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As a political scientist, the first lesson I absolutely must learn in school is that politics is not a “dirty game”, but the motives and decisions of some politician are dirty.

Other higher learning institutions has failed to teach their students that politics is more about serving the people who gave you the mandate with humility, love, honesty and transparency.

However, it finally dawned on me that our peoples ignorance about politics is the root of all the political evil we faced in Africa, but the Africa I know are civil enough to understand the importance of planning the game of politics with a neat, pure and clean mind.

Dirty people supports and destroys their country with a dirty political game, but neat people exalts their nation with a neat political game.

As a civilized society, we need to maintain love as the foundation of the Nigerian and African politics in general.

For the sake of democracy, it is good that before any election, during election and after elections, any political party that cannot love and congratulate its winning opposition party is not a complete national political party. 

Do you remember ever being taught that it’s not what you know but what you don’t know that’s important. Only when you find out something you don’t know will you gain knowledge.

Written By: Aniakor Ikenna

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