Deborah’s Last Statement While She Was Dying – Friend

In the early hours of today, a course mate (who can be considered as a friend) to Deborah, who died in the environs of a College of Education in Sokoto, was granted an interview by Vanguard Newspaper about the deceased.

She said, “Deborah was asking them what they hope to achieve with flogging and stoning her while dying.” When asked how it all started, Deborah’s course mate said, “it was because of a voice note on WhatsApp that she was told to retract but she did not.”

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The friend added that before Deborah was killed, some students made calls to lecturers to save the situation but the calls were to no avail.

The course mate said since the incident happened, she has been having a flash of her pleading expression. She said, “Deborah pleaded for mercy and called out for help but it was far from her.”

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