Dangerous Reasons Phones Are Not Allowed In Hospital ICU Room

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In this article, we are going to discuss the dangers of taking mobile phones to hospital ICU unit. So many machines used for medical examination may cease to function once they are close to the mobile phone wave.

Taking mobile phones to the hospital ICU unit might also pose threat to patient health. The ICU unit is the most sensitive section of any hospital where patients who need serious treatments are kept and taken care of.

Many working tools and equipments such as machines are kept in this section. Medical equipments which are responsive may begin to malfunction as soon as they come in contact with mobile phone wave usually within a radius of one meter. 

Patients are kept in the ICU room to protect them from other environmental ailments such as germ and to ensure quick recovery and it is believed that germs and bacteria can have access to the ICU room. Hence, doctors are always on the watch to make sure people do not go into the ward with smartphones.

Let us now look at other harmful effects of moving mobile phones into the ICU hospital room. According to research, it is discovered that carrying phone into the ICU room is likely to prove fatal for the patients, this is why is it necessary to ban Doctors, Visitors, Nurses from moving into the Hospital ICU room with phones.

Research has proved that at least 50 out of 100 mobile phones of Doctors, Nurses etc are infected with bacteria and viruses which are detrimental to the patients, research has also proved that during the process of using the phone for its normal activities, the dirty that comes from the hand including sweat keep accumulating on the keypad also during discussion saliva do flew from the mouth direct to the mobile device which causes bacteria and viruses to continue growing untill they finally cause damage to the device.

This is why a person need to clean his or her mobile phone regularly as it may begin to accommodate viruses and bacteria if reverse is the case. It is never a good idea to permit mobile phone in Hospital ICU room despite the extra shields and covers most phones carry, Some medical equipments are very responsive to any interference caused by radio wave.

Another good reason is that modern phones come with camera and most hospitals love to keep their privacy specifically in the ICU room, they do not permit making of videos and snapping pictures in this room. Mobile phones receive waves just like other machines in the ICU room so a damage may occur when a wrong wave responds to a wrong machine.

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