“Client wey dem Dey manage e reach ur turn u marry am”: Nigerians Reacts As Young Lady Marries Older White Man

A young Kano woman has used the video app Tik Tok to tell her love story with an older white man, causing social media backlash.
The woman, who has yet to be recognized, is shown in the film with her lover, an older white man who traveled all the way down to Kano to declare his love for her.

The lady expressed her joy at the prospect of marrying her best friend via video app.

She later uploaded images from their introduction ceremony, which took place over the weekend and was attended by family and friends.

Watch the video below to learn more.

See how Nigerians reacted in the video below.


brodalanblow wrote; My sister na you win this 2021 no cap.. congratulations on your Blue or Red passport

michelle_dora1 wrote; Client whe dem Dey manage e reach ur turn u marry am 

miss_instigator wrote; ‘Hmmmm sis make e no be oyinbo on benefit oh. If not you go suffer oh’

cutierashy wrote; Do what makes you happy…no judge zone!

swt1664 wrote; ‘The Oyinbo no get family ni? Na only him come marry!

chiblue0202 wrote; ‘Heaven is still the Goal …. Even with oyibo’


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