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CJN, Mohammad, responds to allegations of poor welfare by judges

Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) Justice Tanko Muhammad, claims that the country’s Supreme Court has been fulfilling its constitutional obligations to a greater extent.

He stated this in a statement by his Senior Special Assistant on Media, Ahuraka Isah, titled Re: State Of Affairs In The Supreme Court And Demand By Supreme Court Justices.

The CJN acknowledged receipt of the letter drafted and addressed to him by his brother Supreme Court Justices in the statement.

He explained why he abstained from engaging in the controversy over a letter purportedly sent to him and circulated by saying that judges in all climes are to be seen and not heard.

“This is akin to dancing naked in the market square by us and with the ripple effects of the said letter.

“The Supreme Court definitely does not exist outside its environment, it is also affected by the economic and socio-political climate prevailing in the country,” the CJN noted.

The media space was recently occupied by reactions to the said letter to the CJN by the apex court judges over their welfare conditions.

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On the allegation of financial misappropriation of funds the CJN said: “Before eight new Justices were appointed in 2020 into the Apex Court bench, there was no additional budget to provide for new chambers with equipped library, legal assistance, residential accommodations and logistics for them.

“The apex court has to make do with the resources at its disposal to meet their needs over time as all the Justices of the court have at least a legal assistance, except some who may opt for more.

“When a budget is made, it contains two sides, that’s the recurrent and the capital, yet the two are broken down into items. The Federal Government releases the budget based on the budget components. And it is an offence to spend the money meant for one item on another.”

He said he held a meeting with his brother Justices last Thursday and another one was due to hold this week.

Muhammad, therefore, assured the public that there was no hostility or adverse feelings amongst the Justices of the Supreme Court, as everyone was going about his or her normal duties.

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