Catholic Priest Reveals Why He Resigned And Opened Voodoo Shrine

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An ordained Togolese Catholic Parish priest has turned to voodoo after abandoning his call to the traditional shrine.

The action, which was captured in an audio message, is trending on social media in Togo, particularly on WhatsApp.

Meanwhile, Togo’s Catholic authorities are alleged to have requested prayers for the priest’s departure from the alter.

“To Jesus. Let us pray for the Church of Togo in particular for the diocese of Aného, ​​which has just lost one of its sons”.

“The Church has been affected once again, and our hearts are filled with sadness, but we trust in God… After 4 years of priesthood, he abdicates. He has decided to be a voodoo priest from now on. Let’s pray for him, so that he comes back home…”. the church stated.

The priest, who was dressed as a native doctor in the photo, stated that because the Chinese did not abandon their religion when they were colonized, Africans are making a mistake by abandoning theirs.

He claims that Christianity’s doctrines are unfit for an African community, hence he is returning to the gods’ wisdom.

According to reports, the priest in issue was influenced by a WhatsApp group.

Herbalists and voodoo priests frequent the Whatsapp group, offering advise and traditional healing procedures. And, according to the members of the group’s testimonials, when these secrets are used, they have positive consequences.

The absconded priest was supposed to be a genius who, through charismatic prayers, had already healed the faithful. However, after joining the Whatsapp group, he began to practice rites like as crossroads baths for his followers, which led to his conversion of faith.

Members of the Whatsapp group were encouraged to return to the source, particularly among the ancestors, through arguments.

The priest was reportedly arrested by church authorities, who were planning to transfer him abroad for religious training; this prompted the priest to tender his letter of resignation to the clergy, build his own convent, and function as a voodoo priest to those who come for consultation.

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