Top 10: Fastest Sea Animals In The World

A fish that fascinates both the average man and scientists alike is the Flying Fish. True to its name, this fish can actually fly. Using its forked tails as a whip, it shoots out of the water in a frenzy. Then it spreads its wing-like pectoral fins (similar to how a bird starts flight from land). As the wind passes under and over the wings, it helps them fly above the water. Flying fishes can race up to 70 kph maximum speed allowing them to effectively escape predators.


Top 10: Fastest Flying Animals In The World

The fastest bird which is also the fastest living creature on Earth can be found in every continent except Antarctica.

This bird has a long pointed wings with powerful muscles that gives them exceptional speed in flight. It also have a strong heart and highly efficient lungs for their body to gets enough oxygen supply even at the great speed they achieve during a dive. Its nostrils are adapted to tolerate the air when it dives, helping to protect its lungs from damage….