Cabal Hijacked Buhari Government – Ango Abdullahi Opens Up

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Cabal Hijacked Buhari Government - Ango Abdullahi Opens Up

The convener of the Northern Elders Forum (NEF), Professor Ango Abdullahi has revealed that those that worked for Muhammadu Buhari to emerge as President of Nigeria in 2015 had high hopes in him.

He said they saw in him an individual capable of turning the fortune of the country around for the better.

Abdullahi however revealed that after President Buhari came into power, his administration was hijacked by some cabals who have made it difficult to actualize his dreams and intentions.

The NEF leader submitted that part of the failures of the Buhari government is the growing insecurity in Nigeria which is obvious in the rising cases of banditry, ritual killings, kidnappings and other criminal activities across the country.

Naija News reports Abdullahi made the submissions during an interview with Vanguard which was published on Monday.

He added that the growing insecurity and economic challenges are part of the reasons some individuals and groups are calling for the break up of Nigeria.

In his words, “When Buhari was coming in, we believed he would change things but the cabal hijacked him…”

“We didn’t vote for a cabal, we voted for Buhari and we thought that Buhari was a good person who should be able to lead the country well and that he was a leader that would bring about changes. Even if you say he is a good person, he has failed to set up a government that is good and that is why there is problem everywhere.

“If there is a good political party, they would show you their manifesto but they show posters, do posters speak?

“Young people seem to be losing it, there is rise in banditry, ritual killings, young people are going haywire. What should be done?

“That is what we are saying that there should be a procedure where people who feel dissatisfied and are doing things because they are dissatisfied, should be given a chance to make a clear expression of their dissatisfaction and their desire either to correct the dissatisfaction or desire to leave the state called Nigeria.”This article was originally published on Nigeria News


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