Buhari’s Daughter, Zahra shocking Statement Towards Marriage

The Daughter of the President Of Nigeria, Zahra has earlier today dropped a shocking statement towards marriage crashing; that is becoming rampant these days.

Zahra has been the most active personality out of the president’s children, she had on several occasions partook in different non-profit actions for the benefit of women in the nation.

Earlier today, via her Instagram story, Zahra dropped a shocking statement towards marriage crashing; that has become one of the important issues that need to be thrashed in society.

Where she started that the major cause is the act of advising wives to submit totally to their husbands, without compelling the husband to also replicate such actions.

The post reads, “Asking wives to be submissive to their husbands without asking the husbands to love their wives has ruined lots of marriages.”

See her post below;


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