Buhari: Why I ‘slapped’ My Chair When Leaving Aso Rock

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In an exclusive interview with Nigeria Television Authority (NTA), former President Muhammadu Buhari delved into various aspects of his presidency, shedding light on issues ranging from alleged cabals within his government to his state of health while in office. The interview, set to air at 10:30 pm today, covers his eight years in the Presidency and his reasons for a peculiar farewell gesture on May 29, 2023.

Reflecting on his time in Aso Rock, Buhari stated, “I don’t think I miss much.” He emphasized that his daughter might be the most accurate source to inquire about the nature of his illness during his presidency.

Addressing the intriguing question of why he “slapped” his chair when leaving the Presidential Villa, Buhari clarified, “It was my way of saying goodbye.” This symbolic gesture offers a glimpse into the emotions surrounding his departure from the highest office in the nation.

While the interview promises insights into the alleged influence of cabals during his tenure and personal reflections on his health, Buhari’s revelation about his farewell gesture adds a unique dimension to his post-presidential narrative.

The detailed interview with the former President provides a rare glimpse into the complexities of his presidency, and viewers can anticipate a comprehensive understanding of his eight years in office.

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