Buhari tasks Nigerians on massive food production

President Muhammadu Buhari on Saturday emphasized the need for people to be productive in order for the country to progress.

Buhari made the assertion when he spoke to journalists in Daura after congregational Eid prayer.

The president lamented the existential crises of terrorism, food scarcity and others as being masterminded by enemies of Nigerians.

He noted that his objective was to see Nigeria triumph in terms of mass production of food.

According to him, the progress of the country was being stalled by mindless terrorists and their sponsors.

“We hope the raining season will be good and our people will be productive. The most important thing is there should be enough food for the people”, the president said.

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“The people organizing themselves and taking institutions and so on. Let them report them to the security agencies. We want peace so that we can make progress. 

“I hope that the rest of Nigerians making trouble will understand that Nigeria’s problem is for people to be productive in terms of producing the food we eat.

“When we closed our borders for about two years, people returned to farms, and things are changing. This is my objective and I’m achieving it.

“My only problem is that there are still people who benefit from killing other people, stealing and so on. I hope they will sit and reflect and make sure they save their names and those of their families”, he added.

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