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Be civil but don’t be intimidated, Baba-Ahmed charges ‘OBI-dients’

Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed, the vice presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP) has on Saturday cautioned supporters against bullying in their engagement with members of other parties.

Datti, in a tweet on his verified Twitter handle, also charged OBI-dients (a name given to Peter Obi’s supporters) not to be intimidated by the threats coming from outsiders.

The tweet read: “Be civil while engaging people but do not be intimated, let no one cow you. Hold your head high and market Peter Obi. You have the most competent pair of candidates. Peter Obi is the need of the hour. He’s a symbol of hope.”

Earlier in an interview on Arise TV, Obi had cautioned Nigerians moved by his agenda to fix the country against intolerance.

He charged them to market his party in line with the national mood, stressing the country had been thrown in anger as a result of bad governance.

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“While the frustration and anger in the country is understandable, we must strive to channel that energy positively in ways that will earn the support and collaboration of others.

“Even as our message continues to gain broad acceptance, there are some we still need to work to convince. In expressing ourselves, we should do so with grace so as not to precipitately shut doors to future collaborations on sustainable nation-building”, he noted.

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