Bauchi Assembly passes bill on establishment of anti-corruption commission

House of Reps to decide on Bauchi House crisis after reportThe Bauchi State House of Assembly on Thursday passed the bill on the establishment of the state’s Public Complaints and Anti-Corruption Commission.

The passage of the bill followed the adoption of the report of the House Committee on Public Petitions and Human Rights presented by its Deputy Chairman, Bakoji Aliyu Bobbo, at the plenary.

He said the committee visited Kano and Taraba States which had enacted the same law to learn from their experiences.

Babbo added that the committee also invited relevant stakeholders and held a public hearing where observations, suggestions, contributions, and input were obtained.

He stressed that the fight against corruption was a national trend that should be imbibed and complemented by the Bauchi State Government because corruption and abuse of power are common evils that needed to be checked in the state’s public service.

The committee recommended that a new Section 6 should be added to the law to ensure the commission’s independence.


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