Apostle Selman Cries Out, Reveals Why Churchies Are Losing Members

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Apostle Joshua Selman, a Nigerian televangelist and General Overseer of Eternity Network Ministry (ENI), has sent an impassioned letter to church members and pastors, claiming that the Body of Christ is losing members.

What is causing the church to lose members? Because they cannot perceive the reality, the authenticity of God’s Word, the Church is losing members. Because famine is driving them to Egypt, many people are making generational covenants in shrines.

“I will preach a God that can be proven here and now that he is not only the saver of souls but the lifter of men. If you are a man of God, let’s take people’s lives seriously. Let’s not just be acting games with people’s destiny”, Apostle Joshua Selman said.

He went further to warn pastors who collect offerings from their members without giving them the real truth that will lift them. “God will soon start punishing men of God who are involved in this act”, he noted.

“We mock ourselves in church and the only people rejoicing are the men of God. It is not fair the way the name of the church has been used to destroy people. If you are involved in this act, repent please”, Selman concluded.

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