After I Was Abducted I Told The People To Kill Me Because There Was Nowhere I Would Get N50M – Victim

A 46-year-old, Mrs Tunrayo Famurewa, has narrated her ordeal at the hands of kidnappers who stormed her house in the month of October, while also leaving an unforgettable pain in her heart as they killed her husband during the attack, Nigerian Tribune reports.

The victim while speaking in an interview with newsmen disclosed that the incident that happened to her which took the life of her beloved husband is still fresh in her mind and there’s no day that she wouldn’t still think about the way her husband was butchered. And all these happened right in front of her eyes on the night her husband gave up the ghost.

The woman while speak on how the incident happened narrated that on the tragic day, she got home with her husband at night, though all her children were in school, there was one little girl that was staying with them and they all got home together in her husband’s car. Immediately they got home, she noticed that about five men approached her husband while she was trying to open the door to the house.

Some moments later, her husband, Festus Famurewa tried to comprehend who these people said they were and at this point they started shooting sporadically to scare people away. After that she started screaming for help and one of the kidnappers who she disclosed were herdsmen started to beat her and gave a serious injuries from the beating, while others stormed her husband with matchets and stabbed him to death.

Few moments later while the small girl who was with her had also ran for safety, she came from her hideout to check her husband’s health and she found him lying in his pool of blood, while sustaining serious injuries which made him loose a lot of blood and led to his instant death.

After killing the husband of Mrs Famurewa, the kidnappers whished her away to the forest and subsequently demanded that she should pay a ransom of N50 million naira. But in contrast, the woman asked the kidnappers to kill her just the way they killed her husband because there was no way she was going to get that huge sum of money.

She said, “They walked me into a bush and we trekked for about 14 hours, stopping at intervals. My feet and hands were pricked by thorns. They became swollen. At that time, my slippers, chain, earrings had cut off. They took my bag and phone. They also took my husband’s purse and phone after killing him. They gave me the phone after I was released.”

“They didn’t beat or touch me in the bush. While we were there, I wondered how I would be saved. I believe that our neighbours called my firstborn. His call came in and it was picked by the kidnappers. They told him to get N50 million as ransom before I would be released. He begged them not to kill his mother but they switched off the phone. They replied that I should look for N50 million. I told them it was better for them to kill me because there was nowhere to get such an amount. Later, one of them mentioned N10 million, but I told them it was not available. I reminded them that they had collected my bag containing N700,000. I was to go and buy goods to restock my shop. They asked me how much I had in my account and I told them to check it on my phone. They saw that I was left with just N1,000,” she continued.

Nevertheless, the Ogun State Commissioner of Police, Lanre Bankole, who confirmed the incident praised police operatives and commended members of the public for supporting the police by giving them necessary information to arrest the suspects who kidnapped the woman.


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