“After Chopping Breakfast”; Angry Boyfriend shoots Girlfriend in Delta (Photos)

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An angry boyfriend has allegedly shot his girlfriend after “chopping breakfast”(Breakup).

The incident occurred in Warri, Delta State, and went viral after it was started on a Facebook group by a social media user, and this has sparked reactions from netizens.

The guy named James Eno allegedly shot Emezana Purity, a 24-year-old lady after chopping breakfast, when the lady was demanding that the duo should put an end to their five-year relationship.

During an interview with BBC, Purity revealed that the unfortunate incident happened when James became overprotective and started stalking her.

She said,” James accused me of dating, one of my business partners who happened to be my neighbor, I tried to make him understand, but his stubbornness couldn’t let him, we argued constantly over this, and unfortunately, this led to a quarrel”.

“James was the one that gave me money to start my business, and he started demanding that I gave his money back, I pleaded with him to give me sometimes to raise the money, but I couldn’t meet up, James lost his patience, and followed me to my house, and shot me with a pistol, in broad daylight, I spent about eight days in the hospital and now I’m fully recovered”.

James is currently under investigation for attempted murder.

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