Adamu Garba Reacts After El-rufai Supported Presidential Zoning To South

Adamu Garba, a former Senator from Yobe State, took to Facebook this evening to respond to Governor El-rufai’s statement about zoning.

Adamu Garba began his post by referring to El-rufai as his elder brother and a distinguished politician, and then went on to say that Malam Nasir El-rufai endorses presidential zoning to the south, but not because he believes in it or because he has implemented it. El-rufai is aware that this is not the best path for the country’s development, according to Adamu Garba, but he is constrained by the circumstances. Adamu Garba went on to explain that our new generation does not agree. He stated that the younger generation does not believe that a president should be chosen based on location, but rather that the president should be elected by all Nigerians.

Finally, Adamu Garba stated that for the first time, a Nigerian, not a southerner or northerner, Muslim or Christian, should emerge. Adamu Garba has stated that he will support a Nigerian president in 2023, and that he is confident that El-rufai will do so later.

Read what Adamu Garba said about El-rufai below.


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