Actor, Aliyu Modibbo, decries increased out-of-school kids in northern Nigeria

Nigerian actor, Haidar Miles, real name, Aliyu Modibbo Ahmad has spoken out over the increasing number of children who are not in school in the northern part of the country.

Ahmad who is the founder of Within Community, a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) stated that growing up among poor people and living in a downtrodden environment in Gombe state inspired him to create a positive community for the emerging generation.

Speaking in a chat with Ripples Nigeria recently, Ahmad said;
“Because I was living among the poor, I know how life is, and has been difficult for them to have a good life. With beggars everywhere, out-of-school children, hunger and so many challenges. These give me hope to stand and work for my community, help the poor and the children that didn’t attend any school.”

The 22-year-old actor further explained the essence of building a community to help children fight through the adversity of growing up in the north.

He continued;
“I created my organisation, because I want a community where children grow up safe from violence, poverty, hunger and disease.

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“A community in which women and children are protected from all forms of discriminations, and have
opportunities to reach their full potential. Together, we need to imagine a better future for everyone and make sure that we achieve it”.

He added that “In Africa, millions of children are out of school, and in Nigeria more than 10 million children are not in school even though primary education is officially free and compulsory.

“The statistics has heightened the gender inequity, where only one in four girls from poor, rural families complete junior secondary school education in the country.”

Ahmad further urged government to support his initiative and take more interest in the development of the northern part of the country, as government needs to empower youths, especially young women in the northern part of the country

He stated; “To tackle this challenge, there’s a need for intervention of the government and development partners. This can be achieved only through improved planning and by addressing some of the systemic barriers that hinder the implementation of an effective education strategy.”


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