A Lawyer Found No Record Of Tinubu In Chicago And You Said You Went To The School – Rufai To Omokri

Reno Omokri, a Nigerian lawyer and political activist, was questioned by Nigerian journalist and presenter Oseni Rufai during an interview with Arise News about his alleged trip to Chicago University to clarify Tinubu’s record. After Reno Omokri stated that he visited the university and verified that Tinubu actually attended, Oseni posed the query.

Regarding this, Oseni Rufai claimed that a lawyer also investigated and discovered no trace of him, and that the lawyer, Mike Ebay, then brought a lawsuit against him in court.

According to him, “Is it the same Chicago now that there’s a case in court filed about the deposition that a lawyer subpoenaed the school he went to, and they said they don’t have any of this record. The EC9 form was submitted to INEC, and there were discrepancies in the records, including the person’s date of birth. Therefore, I’m curious as to what Chicago record of Tinubu you claimed to have obtained from there, given that Mike Ebay or someone else has already filed a lawsuit there, and they claim there were discrepancies in what was even submitted.”

Regarding this, Reno claimed that the case brought against him was not based on Chicago State University and that it was instead based on the college he attended, in which he admitted he has no real faith.



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