8 Powerful Things To Tell Your Children About School

As a father or mother to be or if you’re already with children. There are some encouraging things you need to tell yours children about education to avoid being deceived by the some people’s believe that ‘education is a scam’, which is optimally not. Below are the seven things to tell your children about education.

1) Education is a lifelong process,going to school is just a part of that process. 

2) School is a game of winners and losers, but the so-called losers might turn out to be the best Noble Prize winner. 

3) Schools are great place to learn how to find information, we are in the information age. 

4) It is far better to look stupid than to be stupid; learn from your mistakes. 

5) Take advantage of being young and healthy. 

6) Believe in yourself, seek the one right answer to any questions, but don’t stop to trust in God for all things. 

7) Tell your children that no matter how they do in school, they are very special to you.  

Assure your kids that school and grades will come and go, but you will always love them!


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