30 US Companies That Sponsor Work Visas For Nigerians

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A list of 15 companies in the United States that sponsor work visas for Nigeria and other countries has been revealed.

Moving to the United States is a dream for many people around the world due to the abundance of opportunities it offers for personal and professional growth.

However, navigating the complex work visa process can be challenging. Fortunately, Many employers recognize the value of foreign talent and are eager to invest in your potential by sponsoring your visa.

In this article, we look into 15 US companies that sponsor work visas, HB-1 visas, requirements for visas, and types of work visas.

List of visas that support visa sponsorship in the US

Here are various types of visas that support visa sponsorship in the US, making it easier for you to migrate to the US for work.

H-1B Visa: This visa is for foreign workers in specialty occupations and requires sponsorship from a US employer.

L-1 Visa: This visa is for intracompany transferees and allows multinational companies to transfer employees to their US offices.

O-1 Visa: This visa is for individuals with extraordinary ability or achievement in their field, such as athletes, entertainers, and researchers.

TN Visa: This visa is for professionals from Canada and Mexico under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

E-3 Visa: This visa is for Australian professionals in specialty occupations.

Out of the visa listed above, the most common visa for foreigners to work in the US is the H-1B Visa.

These are some US companies that sponsor visas and employ foreign workers in 2024


Apple is one of the companies that has historically sponsored the most H-1B visas. In recent years, the company has focused more closely on diversity. Apple launched a $100 million Racial Equity and Justice Initiative.

As of 2023, Apple had approval for 2,956 H-1B visas, with the average salary remaining around $170,000.

Top H-1B Jobs:

Software Development Engineer
ASIC Design Engineer
Engineering Project Manager
Machine Learning Engineer
Hardware Development Engineer


Microsoft is another big tech company with lots of resources and employees. They sponsor foreigner, especially for technical roles, with fairly high compensation.

Microsoft was granted 3,547 H-1B visas in 2023, and the average annual salary for H-1B visa holders at Microsoft in 2022 was $151,870.

Top H-1B Jobs:

Software Engineer
Data and Applied Scientist
Program Manager
Senior Program Manager
Senior Software Engineer


The best company in the finance industry foreigners is Ernst & Young, a global accounting firm. There were 1390 visas certified in 2023.

Top H-1B Jobs:

Computer Systems Analysts
Accountants and Auditors
Information Security Analysts
Financial Analysts
Operations Research Analysts


Amazon is well-known for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. In 2023, there were 4,398 visas certified, with the average salary being $136,717.

Top H-1B Job Functions:

Software Development Engineer
Business Intelligence Engineer
Software Development


As one of the world’s tech titans, Google has amassed a legion of employees that spans across six continents. In 2023, the average salary of someone with an H-1B visa made $164,839. During the year, there were a total of 2,162 visas certified.

Top H-1B Jobs:

Software Engineer
Program Manager
Solutions Consultant
Technical Solutions Consultant
Quantitative Analyst


Digital solutions provider Cognizant has been around since 1994. Today, the company has amplified its international presence, employing more than 300,000 people globally.

On its website, Cognizant says that it, “may or may not provide sponsorship and if available, those who qualify may be able to secure an H1-B Visa from Cognizant.” As of 2022, the average salary for those with this visa was $97,829 with 3263 certified.

Top H1-B Jobs:

Senior Systems Analyst
System Analyst
Computer Systems Analyst
Management Analyst
Senior Manager


IT services company Accenture serves clients in more than 120 countries, making it a truly international organization. Accenture has a history of sponsoring H-1B visas, winning approvals for 1,108 visas in 2023 with an average salary of $160,000.

Top H-1B Job

Management Consultant
Software Engineer
Business Analyst
Data Scientist
Project Manager


Intel is one of the world’s most recognizable tech corporations. Today, the company has dozens of offices across the globe, employing about 121,000 tech professionals.

Being an epicenter of international tech talent, Intel received approval for 1,050 visas in 2023 with average salary for these roles hovers around $155,000.

Top H-1B Jobs:

Hardware Engineer
Software Developer
Data Scientist
Network Engineer
Systems Analyst


Deloitte is a prominent sponsor of H-1B visas, with 320 visas certified in 2023. The average salary for these positions is $165,000.

Top H-1B Jobs:

Tax Consultant
Audit Associate
Cybersecurity Analyst
Financial Advisory
Technology Consultant

10. UBER 

Uber has been a prominent figure in the ride-sharing space since its inception in 2009, carving out an identity for itself that encompasses the globe. The company seeks to prioritize diversity and equity across employee-base, with the goals of increasing demographic diversity and becoming more actively anti-racist. Uber received approval for 374 H-1B visas in 2023.

Top H-1B Jobs:

Customer Specialist
Product Designer
Software Engineer
Financial Advisory
Marketing Specialist

Here are several other companies that also sponsor H-1B visas:

Infosys Limited – 4,372 H-1B Visa

Tata Consultancy

SVCS LTD – 3,536 H-1B Visa

Capgemini America INC – 1,735 H-1B Visa

Wipro Limited – 1,160 H-1B Visa

HCL America INC – 1,112 H-1B Visa

Ltimindtree Limited – 1,093 H-1B Visa

JPMorgan Chase CO – 988 H-1B Visa

Fidelity Investments – 845 H-1B Visa

Salesforce INC – 801 H-1B Visa

Compunnel Software Group INC – 801 H-1B Visa

Oracle America INC – 686 H-1B Visa

Testla INC – 658 H-1B Visa

Tech Mahindra Americas INC – 606 H-1B Visa

Nividia Corporation – 569 H-1B Visa

Mphasis Corporation – 460 H-1B Visa

LinkedIn Corporation – 380 H-1B Visa

ATOS Syntel INC – 363 H-1B Visa

PWC Advisory Services LLC – 349 H-1B Visa

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