2023: Sadly, Most Delegates Peter Obi Is Engaging Understand Only Money – Obinna Nwosu

London-trained freelance Finance and Oracle database consultant, Obinna Nwosu has taken to his verified Twitter page to say most of the delegates President aspirant, Peter Obi is engaging on political issues understand only money.

According to Obinna who was a governorship aspirant for Abia state 2023 election before stepping down said what Peter Obi was doing may not favour him as a person, but the country will benefit it in the long run.

However, he said most of the delegates Peter Obi was engaging on issues concerning politics only understand the language of money, and money was not at the center of his discussion with them.

In his tweet, he wrote below:

“What Peter Obi is doing may not benefit him in person, but it will benefit Nigeria in the long run. He is engaging delegates on issue based politics. Money is not at the centre of his discussions. Sadly most of these delegates understand only one language money.”


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