2023: If We Allow Tinubu To Rule, One Day, Muslims Will Do The Same For Christians – Peter Ogunmuyiwa

The Archbishop of the African Church, Abuja, Dr Peter Ogunmuyiwa in an interview with Arise TV on Monday has revealed that he is not afraid of the same-faith ticket by the All Progressives Congress (APC) because he is certain that one day the Muslims would also allow a Christian presidential candidate to also pick the same faith running mate in the nearest future.

The renowned cleric while speaking about the 2023 presidential election noted that he is not saying that Bola Tinubu would emerge as the winner of the election, but with the supports he has gained recently from many Christian leaders, he feels the Muslim people would also reciprocate the love that the Christians gave them just in case in the future something like this also come up.

According to him, he said that the victory of the Muslim-Muslim ticket will pave the way for an all-Christian presidency in the future.

Archbishop Peter Ogunmuyiwa said, “I am not afraid of the Muslim-Muslim ticket. If eventually the same faith ticket wins the 2023 general election, and Bola Tinubu becomes the president and Shettima becomes the vice president, I always look at it from a positive angle that it will pave a way for the Christians in the future. Because if we concede the presidency seat to them out of love and unity, I foresee a time that the Muslims will do the same for the Christians too. I am not saying that is what is going to happen, but I am just saying that whichever way it goes, the Church should not express bitterness toward our Muslim brothers.”


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