2023: If Miracle Happens And Labour Party Wins, They Cannot Govern – Hon Kumalia, Opines

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In an interview with Arise News during This Week program, Honourable Mohammed Kumalia, Ex-Minority Leader, House of Reps and Member of Northern Leaders Consultative Forum, said that if many miracle happens and Labour Party wins the 2023 presidential election, they cannot govern.

Hon. Mohammed Kumalia made the statement when he was explaining what the Northern Leaders Consultative Forum considered before choosing their candidate, Atiku Abubakar.

Hon. Kumalia said that, in terms of feeding the candidates for the purpose of 2023 presidential election, PDP and APC did very well, followed by the NNPP.

“But the Labour Party falls short of feeding all of the governorship seats that are vacant, it gets worse when you go further down, to the senate, House of Representatives, and House of Assembly. The party that performs worse in terms of feeding candidates is the Labour Party. And that is why we said without conceding, even if Labour Party were to win the presidency, they would form a minority government. “It is the analysis that was made.”

“Look at Balarabe Musa of the PRP in 1979-1983; he was impeached because he did not have the majority in the state house of assembly. If for argument’s sake, if many miracles happen, even though we don’t see them happening, and Labour Party wins, they can’t govern. It will be problematic because we have other major parties dominant in the national assembly.”

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