2023: Adamu Garba Campaigned Against Tinubu As He Shares Throwback Video Of Him

One of the APC presidential aspirants in the forthcoming elections, Adamu Garba has taken to his official Facebook page where he shared a throwback video of Bola Tinubu. In the video, the current National leader of the All Progressive Congress was seen addressing the people and talking about how he intends to build hospitals during his first tenure as Lagos State governor.

While sharing the video, Adamu Garba campaigned against him, while explaining that the Tinubu of that time is not the same as the Tinubu of now.

Adamu Garba says; “Respect is different, leadership is different. You can lead without energy, vision and capacity. This was Tinubu when he was a governor in 2001. Can you ever compare this with now?

“That’s why we must win them over in the coming 2023 election” he added.

In the video, Bola Tinubu was looking very much younger and capable, his mind was sound, and he was talking with so much ease and a nice swagger. There is a huge difference between the Tinubu of that time and the Tinubu of now. 

Nonetheless, the former Lagos state governor has constantly maintained that he is the right person to lead the nation forward, according to him, he has what it takes to make Nigeria better again.



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