14-Year-Old Girl Becomes Governor For 20 Minutes In Kano

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Another record has been set as of today as a 14-year-old girl becomes Governor For 20 Minutes In Kano state.

According to verified sources, the Governor Of Kaduna State, Abdulahi Ganduje gave up his position earlier today, to one Atika Aminu Yankaba.

“14-Year-Old Girl becomes Governor for 20 minutes in Kano” was to celebrate the International Girl Child Day 2021 that was anchored and organized by UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) in conjunction with a woman advocacy group situated in Nigeria.

According to witness, Governor Ganduje allegedly willingly gave up his position for the young lad during the heat of the celebration, around 12:00 pm, and stepped back into power at exactly 12:20 pm.

During the 20 minutes rule of the young lad, she promised that her short-term government will make sure to supply menstrual pads, and other materials needed by girls in the state for a better living. She also promised to call for a State Executive Council meeting with Kano state cabinet members, to discuss how to raise the standards of female education in the Kano state.

Yankaba also stated that the state is in dire need of financial assistance to help in building classrooms, employ teachers, enhance ICT (Information Communication Technology) education.

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