10 Things You Should Not Do Inside A Hotel Room

When you are travelling to any destination, the hotel room becomes your place of spending time in solace and relaxing. It is your responsibility to treat that room just like your home so that you can have a great experience staying there and also the hotel authorities do not have to suffer anything. Your behaviour in such places speaks a lot about you and you surely want to portray your best in front of everyone. Here are 10 things that you should absolutely never do inside a hotel room.

10 Things You Should Not Do In A Hotel Room

1. Do Not Smoke

In some hotels, the no smoke sign is clear. However, some persons feel that since they are in the comfort of their room, there is no need to observe the no-smoke rule. You are wrong. If smoking is not allowed, just do not smoke. Remember, you are not the only one that will use the room. Although certain hotels still allow smokers to smoke cigarettes inside their rooms. Despite this, some guests insist on smoking in non-smoking rooms.

Rather than smoking, the biggest problem is that guests get used to covering the smoke alarm in their room, so they can smoke in bed, risking their safety and that of all other guests. Never take a risk and smoke in your room. Instead, you can smoke outside in designated places, especially if you’re staying in a non-smoking room.

2. Don’t Sleep On A Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are something that is kept inside the rooms to make them look more decorative. These pillows are not always cleaned thoroughly as they do not have any removable sleeves. It is a bit unhygienic to use them.

3. Avoid Checking Out Late Without Notifying Reception

Checking out late can mess up a hotel crew’s entire schedule, and you could also be charged extra for your room. 

“In busy periods, housekeeping staff are under more pressure to turn guest rooms around before new check-ins. Guests leaving rooms even 10 minutes later than scheduled can result in new guests being delayed at check-in,” said Serreti. 

4. Don’t Leave The Hotel Without Alerting Staff To Damaged Furniture

Damage to room furniture, decor, or linens is surprisingly common — and oftentimes guests try to pretend it never happened. 

The damaged furniture will usually be charged to your bill at several times more than its original price — and don’t think you can get away with it by saying that it wasn’t your fault or by not telling the front desk at all. During your check-out, the front desk is usually sending someone to check your room.

So, if you accidentally break or damage something in a hotel room alert hotel staff immediately.

In some cases, they may deem the damage to be normal wear and tear and skip the extra charge. However, trying to hide the damage or leaving without reporting it increases the likelihood that your card will be hit with a hefty fine.

5. Don’t Sneak In Animals

You love your dog and chances are that you may bring him or her with you when you travel as a companion. Some hotels will not allow animals in the room. As a result, some lodgers will sneak these animals in. If you are discovered, you may be thrown out of the hotel or you may be fined.

6. Don’t Keep Your Bathroom Door Unlocked When Taking A Shower

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a steamy shower at a hotel. But, the risk is what the vapor can do if released into your room. The hotel’s hot showers can cause a lot of steam and, due to that, can activate the hotel’s fire alarm system inside your bedroom if you leave the bathroom door open.

You don’t want to rush through the hallways and gather with fellow guests. To avoid drama, kindly lock your bathroom door when taking your shower.

7. Don’t Steal From The Hotel

Some hotel customers are just real thieves. They are usually happy to steal items like towels, drapes, shampoos, and even bedsheets in the hotel room. So, if you are caught, you will also simply be arrested. This is not about a fact with good manners, but you might end up with an unwanted charge on your hotel bill.

Sometimes, there may be a thought to take home a few essential amenities that the hotel provides during the stay, like bathrobes, shampoo, lotion, and other vanity products. But, don’t, as you could be charged extra or even fined for taking pricier items, including linens, artwork, and electronics.

8. Don’t Use Hotel Wi-Fi To Share Private Information

Strictly avoid sharing any sensitive, private, and important information using the hotel Wi-Fi. It can cause huge risks for you and your personal information as it is quite easy to hack into public Wi-Fi.

9. Don’t Sit On The Chairs Or Couches Without Disinfecting Them

“It is best to avoid comfy-looking upholstered recliner. People sit there nude, potentially spreading staphylococcus bacteria via their underarms and rectal cavities, which can potentially lead to staph infections.” says Phillip Tierno in the NY Post.

Pro Tip: Drape a bed sheet over couches or soft chairs, or avoid them altogether. If the chair is plastic or leather you can wipe it down with an antibacterial wipe or use some travel Lysol.

10. NEVER: Use The Remote Without Wiping It Down (Unless You Dig “Colonies” Of E.Coli)

In a Fox News article a microbiologist reportedly “…took swabs from various items in hotel rooms and found that the remotes in each room ranked the highest on the germ meter and analyzed the results in a lab, where she found “colonies of E. Coli,” among other potentially dangerous contaminates.”

She went on to note that these findings “…indicate there was fecal contamination on the remote, so perhaps someone used the restroom and didn’t wash their hands when they were done.”

Pro Tip: When lodging in a hotel, bring some disinfecting wet-wipes with you and wipe that bad boy down. Or, better yet, leave the TV off and fire up your iPad.


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